Marketing Communications Services

Interactive Communications

Website content - Today, most people go to the web to find information about a company, a product or a service. A good first impression speaks volumes. Designing an attractive website that is easy to navigate is important, and so too is developing dynamic content that informs your visitors and keeps them coming back.

Virtual press rooms - To make the media's job easier, your organization must have a "press room" or "news" page on your website that provides the key information on the company and its offerings. Other audiences also access this area of your website for information on your company and offerings, so you need to ensure this section of the website is updated regularly.

Blogs - Blogging is gaining significant momentum in the business-to-business market. Blogs can establish your expertise, help you build a community and raise your brand's or company's awareness.

Social networking - As social media and social networking sites continue to grow, it is critical for your business to evaluate these Web 2.0 tools and determine how best to leverage them to meet your goals and objectives. From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to blogs, podcasts, video blogs and RSS feeds, understanding how social networking can provide value to your organization is an important first step.