Marketing Communications Services

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Industry & business awards - Industry and business awards are a great way to raise positive awareness about a company and/or its products or services. Awards can be leveraged throughout your marketing program as third-party validation of your company, products and/or services.

Speaking engagements - Securing speaking engagements at industry meetings, conventions, conferences, forums and local events that are attended by your target publics, positions your organization as an expert in the field.

Marketing support - Public relations should be just one aspect of your integrated marketing campaign. It is important that you ensure a consistent look and feel and consistent messages across all of your website copy, collateral and PR materials.

Media monitoring - Tracking coverage of your company in the media and circulating it internally to employees and externally to partners, customers and other audiences can help boost company and brand loyalty. Additionally, monitoring media coverage of your competitors will assist in continually updating your key differentiators and honing your messages.