Marketing Communications Services

Relationship Building

Media relations - Coverage doesn't result from one press release or one phone call, but from the consistent delivery of your corporate messages via a variety of public relations tactics. Building strong relationships with your target media will help ensure the company's messages are being heard. Media relations start with having a strong knowledge of the target media, their content, deadlines and specific requirements.

Analyst relations - Industry analyst firms are a key channel in which to reach your target audiences. Analysts provide independent, third-party sources for reporters writing articles on particular types of products and trends, for companies looking for partners and most importantly, for organizations in search of solutions. It is important, specifically for technology companies, to build solid relationships with the leading industry analysts that cover their product and service areas.

Employee communications - Employees are an organization's most important asset. Every organization should have an internal communications program to build company loyalty among the employees with the goal of long-term employee retention.

Partner communications - Strong strategic partnerships are often key to a company's success. It is critical for you to keep your partners informed of your company's activities and new products or serve offerings. Consider your partners an extension of your sales team.

Customer relations - There is nothing like a happy customer. You need to value your relationships with your customers and continue to work to make them stronger. A satisfied customer can be a walking endorsement for your company.